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Element Of Poker

How to easily solve your (tilt) problem in 60 minutes?

You know that (tilt) causes you to lose money, then do you know how to effectively avoid tilt?

Jay Rosen Krantz, founder of DeucesCracked website: “The poker element is the best poker book I have ever read.”

Tommy Angelo knows this secret, many well-known players agree with his point of view, see what professional players have seen this book:

Phil Galfond, founder of BlueFirePoker: “This book is very good, and his appearance finally gave me a reason to buy IPad.”

Poker writer Al Schoonmaker: “The most original poker book I have ever read.”

2+2 Forum Moderator Big Dave D: “This is a book that rivals Poker Theory in the 21st century. The content of this book is as important to today’s players as Poker Theory for players of the last century. ”

Poker player Herman Jackson: “The book “Poker Elements”, written and edited by Tommy Angelo, covers all aspects of poker games. The players know very little about them. The book has a total of 250 pages. This book is not only informative. Innovative and very interesting.”

2+2 Forum Moderator casaubon: “This book tells you how to become a professional poker player. Almost all the loopholes in my body are related to not knowing how to become a professional poker player, and have nothing to do with poker technology. When I was in good shape, I was able to make very good decisions and I could win a lot of money. But in my efforts to become a professional player, my performance was very poor. I know that tilt is a loophole in my body, except In addition to this book, I have helped me discover a lot of other problems.”

Reader feedback

Tommy Angelo (the author of this book) is not only a veteran professional poker player, but also a famous poker coach. He does not simply teach the readers how to crammed, but teach the reader how to think about the game.

Tommy Angelo has a unique and sharp view of many poker concepts. It’s refreshing. Many poker terms and concepts are first created by Tommy and promoted, such as A-game, B-game, C-game. After reading this book, I opened up a few questions that I can hardly find.

This book is a new way to understand poker, so that I can continue to play the A-game level.

Many players actually have no problems with the skills, but lack the ethics or habits that a professional player should master. Tommy Angelo spends a long time on how to become a professional player, how to start from a small link and change some Small problems, which greatly improve the quality of the game. For example, before each game, I have to imagine a situation where the AA is taken by the opponent BB when I get to the table. This will allow you to prepare for the game fluctuations from the beginning. I just do this and it is very useful. Tommy used a lot of such unique ways of thinking, so that I can avoid the occurrence of tilt as much as possible.

The biggest highlight of this book is the introduction of many issues that live poker players need to pay attention to. For example, before the flop, before you turn your mind, should you observe the player on the left or the player on the right? The answer is on the left, because the player’s performance on the left will affect your decision. If they seem to want to raise, then you can give up a hand that you want to flatten and can’t call. The player who wants to talk right on the right no matter what decision is made, you will know when it is your turn, this is a very useful technique. Tips such as these can be said to be rarely seen in other books.

If you are a player who wants to go online from the live game, this book is definitely a must-read book before you go to the live table.

Players who have been on the 2+2 forum can find that the book “The Elements of Poker” is comparable to David Sklansky’s Poker Bible Theory of Poker. Whether it’s an online player or a live player, I recommend putting this book on the bed and looking at it at any time. As far as I am concerned, every time I read this book, I have a new harvest.

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Poker Skills Strategies These things can be said to change as the overall environment of poker continues to change. Some books that introduce old styles may be outdated in a few years, but the professors in this book are not single-players. The goal is to make you a true professional player, to find the true meaning of professional players, and to be a veritable poker player, please don’t miss this

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