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How Poker Players Makes Money?

Backing and staking are the financial lifeblood for poker players in tournament poker. For years it took place between poker professionals but today entrepreneurial players hope to open it to the world.

CNBC made a special report earlier this week in which they interviewed a number of industry figures, including poker players Ryan LaPlante and Jeff Gross, the founder of StakeKings, and a stable owner, in addition to VerStandig.

The 22-minute video delves into the financial side of the poker world, specifically poker tournaments. Concepts like buying pieces, backing, mark-up, and make-up are discussed.

For any type of poker player this piece is worth the watch, embedded below:

For nearly two decades ESPN broadcast and an accountant named Moneymaker has given rise to a generation of Poker Players, dreaming of turning professional and making millions.


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