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How to Join Tournament

1. Click on the Tournament Tab to go to the Tournament Section.

2. Select the Tournament you want to join.

3. Click the Register button on the right side of the page.

4. When the tournament starts, go to the Tournament Lobby
5. And click on the Go to Table button and Start playing!
6. Once registered you may unregister (refund) anytime before the tournament starts if needed.
Lobby Information

If you are registered but coming late to the tournament, you will have to pay the ante and the blinds every time your turn comes.

1. Date: Date and time when the Tournament Starts

2. Status:
 • Players may still register and unregister for this Tournament.
 • You are currently registered to this tournament
 • Players may only register & play in one tournament at a time.
Late Register
 • The Tournament has started but still, allow players to register.
 • The Tournament is ongoing and will not accept any more entries.
 • The Tournament has ended.
 • The tournament didn’t start at all. It was canceled due to some requirements are not met.

3. Buy In: The amount to join the tournament (Prize contribution + entry fee).

4. Players: Indicates the current number of players registered for the Tournament.

5. Prize: Indicates the current amount of prize in the Prize Pool.

6. Register: You join the Tournament and play by paying the Buy In. May only be done during Registration and Late Registration period.

7. Unregister: To refund the Buy-in and get removed from the Tournament registrant. It can only be done before the tournament starting time.

8. Starting Chips: Indicates the chip amount given to each player to start the tournament.

9. Min/Max Players: Minimum and Maximum number of players that can register for the Tournament. If the minimum number of players is not reached the Tournament will be cancelled.

10. Prize List: Shows the Rank and equivalent amount of prize is given to the player that finishes in that Place/Rank(1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc…) *The Prize is awarded into your account wallet automatically when you get eliminated from the Tournament.

11. Players: Real-time list of players ranked according to current chip possession. Also, it shows the Prize payout for each rank.

12. Largest Stack: The chip count of the player with the most chips in the Tournament. (If you are near this number you have the advantage!)

13. Average Stack: The average chip stack size considering the number of players remaining in the Tournament and the total number of chips in play. (If you are near this number you are still in a good position)

14. Small Stack: The chip count of the player with the lowest chip stack. (If your chips are near this number you’re in danger of busting out!)

More important is that the total of your chip is at least 25 times the current Big Blind!

15. Table List: Shows the tables in the tournament and how many players are in each table.

16. Table Details: Select a table from the Table List to see the usernames of the players on the table, their rank and chip stack count.

17. Blind Structure: Shows how much the Small Blind/Big Blind, Ante and duration of each Level for the whole tournament.

18. Award Structure: The list of the Percentage from the Total Prize pool and amount that will be awarded to the winning players according to the Rank/Place.

Tournament Rules

1. There are no re-buys, once you lose all your chips you are out of the tournament. So play your best!

2. The Buy-in is your payment for joining the Tournament; The more players join the bigger the Prize will be!!

3. You may register and unregister for a Tournament during the registration period, but when the tournament starts, players cannot unregister anymore.

4. There are a minimum and a maximum number of players for a Tournament. If the minimum number of players is not reached the Tournament will be canceled. If the Maximum number of players is reached, registration
will be closed.

5. The tournament will end if the player is only one left.

6. If the tournament starts and have not logged on, your chips will be blinded out until you log on and sit on your table.

7. You may not quit or leave the tournament as long as the you still have chips. If you did, then you will have to pay the blinds and antes, and your Hands will be automatically set to fold.

8. To win a cash prize, you must get eliminated in those ranks with a cash prize. It depends on the Prize Structure of the Tournament. The more registered players, the more ranks that have cash-prize will be.

9. The Blinds will increase every level.

10. There will be scheduled breaks during the Tournament.

11. If you fail to select an action until the timer runs out, by default, the action will be a check or a fold. Then, your account will be sat out. You may sit-In at any time so you may play the next upcoming Hand.

12. You may “Sit-In” by clicking the “Sit-In” button located at the center of the player HUD.

Tournament Rules

Tutorial: What are Tcoins(TC)?

Answer : Tcoins is short for Tournament Coins, these coins are earned by players from playing at any of our games.   Your Tcoins balance is displayed on the Main Lobby right below your wallet balance.

These Tcoins can be used to join our Tcoins exclusive Tournament Freerolls. Players may only join this Tournament Freeroll using Tcoins.   

Tcoins have no monetary Value.   

Tcoin Freerolls can be found at our Tournament Lobby.

Earning Tcoins is now capped at a maximum of 1.2Milllion Tcoins balance. If your current balance is over 1.2 Million you will not earn Tcoins until your balance is below the cap(1.2M Tcoins).