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How to Register Desktop and Mobile

How to Register a new account in ShenPoker Easily

To play the game you need to create an account first, this guide will introduce to you the simplest way to register on
Just click on the Register Icon on the top right of any page at ShenPoker, to start registering for your new account.

You will be required to fill-in details in every field except for ‘Affiliate Code’. Please note that any details here cannot be changed later on and only real details will be accepted for Deposit/Withdrawal permissions.

You will be greeted with this message when the registration is successful.*

Now all you have to do is log-in and set your 6-digit verification code which will be required for every log-in, this is to ensure the safety and security for all users.

Congratulations you have successfully created your new account!

Click here to continue on the next steps for making your first deposit and you will soon be on your way to winning the Jackpot!