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The Monkey that Tried to Buy In Poker Tournament

One of the strangest promotional campaigns that happened was at the WSOP main event back in 2006 where someone tried to buy a monkey in for a cut of the $82 million (US$) prize pool.

Mickey Playing Poker

That someone would be Poker Share (now defunct poker website) and the name of the chimp was “Mikey” (not uncommon for poker players).
The great people at Poker Share taught Mikey simple poker abilities, for example, moving chips all-in and sitting at a table.
Shockingly there was a lot of commotion from players who would not like to be busted by the monkey (isn’t a freehold nothing back machine at your table the most ideal draw?).
Maybe the most entertaining part of the whole story is that the monkey wasn’t even allowed to play. The WSOP actually had to search for a section in the rulebook that stated only humans can play in the event.
So don’t get any ideas about entering your fish, cat or dog next year.

If you don’t believe us, Check out the video below and have a laugh! (monkey part starts at around 1:00):

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