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No Ball to bluff?Do you even know how to play Poker?

When I was young, every time I was get bully, I would cry and say something very stubborn.
You wait here !!, I will go to my brother!!!
but in all likelihood there is no following. This is bluffing, and Very poor bluff because he is the only child.
But one day, I used two lollipops to bribe mine cousin who was a guest at home to help him stand on the platform,
and what he said came true, and the original bluff became semi-bluff.

Today we let go of semi-bluffs and talk about bluffs.

Change a face you need at the right time

When there is no chance of winning in a hand, your only chance of winning is when your opponent folds. At this time, if you don’t want to give up the pot, all you can do is place a bet. The bet here is bluff.

It ’s like four Q and two public cards. You have a pair of twos in your hand, and you have lost. Even a draw is impossible. At this time, if you want to win, you will bluff and hope that your opponent will give up. Card, of course, the premise of an opponent’s fold is that he believes in you, which requires you to lay down a bluff.

In “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, Zhang Fei roared three times in front of the Dangyang Bridge. The bridge was broken, the soldiers retreated, and the water flowed backwards. This is a successful bluff. Cao Jun retired because Guan Yu had said before that Zhang Fei’s taking over the top of the million army was like searching for things, which was a foreshadowing of bluffing. After the bluffing, Zhuge Liang also did it again, which was an empty city plan.

But Don’t abuse bluffing All time

The reason why Texas Hold’em bluffs is because of the option to fold.

Many people mistake the timing of bluffing, meaning they don’t realize that their opponents can’t fold. It’s like trapping someone in a cage with a hungry lion. At this time, if you want to roll up your sleeves and hit a set of Taizu Boxing to scare the lion to the ground and fight it until It call daddy, then this is not a bluff. . God bless you

1. Facing local tyrants: When you see a big local tyrant who always buys high in gold and silver at the VIP table in Wynn Macau, you will always have a strong curiosity,
so you should not try to bluff him. There is a famous saying in High Stake Poker (a Texas Hold’em cash game TV show in addition to some poker legends,
as well as some business or show giants). Never bluff a billionaire That’s what it means.

2. Facing silly roots (silly): Of course you should not bluff in the face of a fish. He will not fold as much as you have something.
He will leave if you have nothing to play. We have no need at all. Bluff.

3. Face-to-face Emperor: Many people are not calm when playing cards. When they have lost a lot before, when they have won a lot before,
when there is a pretty girl sitting next to them, when a pretty mother-in-law sitting with a pretty girl next to them,
it seems to fold. It is a very shameful thing. As the saying goes, a man can’t say that he can’t do it, so he has to be hard on his head. At this time,
you should not bluff him.

The Timing of bluffing

So when should you bluff? This is deep enough for me to write a 100,000-word dissertation.
But First of all, I want to take a course in psychology with you

The first thing to say is that many people are misled by various movies and various online videos. They believe that the essence of poker is to constantly bluff, and non-bluff is a rookie and a fish. Especially High Stake Poker、Poker After Dark (It ’s also a Texas Hold’em cash game TV show.) I do n’t recommend it for newbies, not because the level of the people in it is not high, but because it ’s edited, edited, edited The important thing is said three times.

When you go to a reality show, what you spend half an hour wanting to watch is also the celebrity quarreling, not the celebrity eating at home, and the door is still closed.

If High Stake Poker is not edited, a lot of hands raise one call before the flop and one continuous bet and one fold after the flop. I don’t think you would watch it. “It’s all drama, it’s all drama, it’s all drama”. Don’t learn High Stake Poker. It’s as simple as looking for Spider-Man and letting it bite after watching Spider-Man.

For the average level of enthusiasts, controlling the starting hand range, using position more, medium card mechanics will control the pot, and less bluffing and stable playing are completely feasible in most hands. Bluffs are based on opponents having a certain level of reading.

Imagine such a simple hand:


The muzzle was raised at 3BB (big blind) and the button was called.

The flop K ♠ 7 ♦ 2 ♣

Check at the muzzle position, bet 5BB at the button position, raise 20BB at the muzzle position, fold at the button position and show a pair of 10s, and open a pair of 6 at the muzzle position.

The muzzle bluff is not high-level, but one thing he must know is that the button position will read the card, knowing that there is likely to be a K within the muzzle raise range, and the check-raise action seems to I even felt that this K existed, so I discarded TT (T stands for 10), and when the muzzle position is not in position, playing 66 is very passive, so I chose to do it on the flop. A check raise.

We wo n’t discuss whether to play this way for the time being. What we want to say is that if you want to bluff someone, you must first play some cards in your hand. This process is called storytelling. The first rank of the Admiral in Flying Million Army is like searching for items.

For example, the muzzle raises and I call with a 7x card. Remake out 772, you check raise me, I definitely die with you I do not believe you have 7, if you really have it, I admit it, this is your story does not make sense.

Secondly, the opponent must be able to understand your story. If the opponent does not read the card at all, you will not be able to play a set (three) to beat a super pair. In other words, your opponent’s ability to read the cards in your hand is the prerequisite for your bluff, otherwise you are playing the ox, but then again, why do you bluff him in the face of this kind of person, just play steadily.

Having said that, someone must be in a hurry. How should he bluff?

Honestly, this is hard to say.

OK, OK, OK, let me say a few simple bluffing methods and techniques:

First, bluff more people who are weak.

People with weak styles have poor starting hands and bad skills, and folds give you a higher chance of bluffing.

Tight and fierce players are not good targets for bluffing because the hands are good and the chances of winning are high. Imagine that you face a person with a starting hand range of less than 10% and waited for half an hour before getting a hand Card, damage and health are all increased, the support team behind them began to shake the flag and shout, I will fold when you bet? You are fighting the lion with your bare hands.

But for a 27o (o stands for off suit, different suits) will win, most of the time he has nothing. And fierce people are not good targets for bluffing. They are more polarized, or they are playing well, or they are playing badly. If you play well, you can play less with him. If you play poorly, wait for him to bluff you.Second, try to bluff on the river in low-level games.

Second, try to bluff on the river in low-level games.

Many beginner players like to participate, so as long as there are still no cards issued, they always feel there is a chance. They don’t calculate odds, they don’t miss your cards, you bluff him, and he doesn’t fold as long as he has a chance. At this time, you bluff is sending money.

After the river comes out, they will be very honest, they will honestly check if they don’t hit the cards or they are not big, so bluffing them on the river is a relatively high success rate and low cost option.

Third, use location.

I have encountered many beginners who like slow play. Today we will not discuss the problem of slow play, but I have not encountered a beginner who will play first and finally slow. So here is a simple tip for everyone. When you have a position, if your opponent makes a bet twice on the flop and the turn, you call and the river opponent suddenly checks. You can bet three For two-half pots, you only need to earn about 40% to make money, but in more than half of the cases you can win the pot.

Let we enjoy our time in SHenpoker

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